Because my daughter's allergies do not allow for dairy, eggs, or a lot of grains, breakfast is hands down the hardest meal of the day to cook for.  At one point, we could use Kamut for cooking, but that is no longer an option.  Thankfully, my mom figured out how to make pancakes out of teff and bean flour so that is our go-to breakfast at the moment.  In addition to dietary difficulties, the fact that I am not a morning person or a fan of fresh fruit makes it essential that I be able to prepare meals in advance and be able to heat them up quickly or grab them and go.  Usually I make a large batch of something that I can eat off of for two or three days so that I'm not trying to fix breakfast and dinner when I get home from work.  My overall goal with breakfast is to figure out a way to make cold cereal that is both easy to make and doesn't instantly get soggy the second the milk touches it.  Until then, take a look at the recipes I have come up with thus far.

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Chocolate Almond Power Smoothie


Millet and Chia Seed Breakfast Porridge

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